Otanaha Fortress
A shelter and defence base of Gorontalo kings during the colonial era. It is said that the fortres was built with a mixture of sand, calcium and eggs of Maleo birds. Located in the western part of Dembe village, reachable by local transportation.
Dumoga Bone National Park
Located on the border between two districts, approximately 260 km from Manado, this park covers Dumoga in Bolaang Mongondow and Bone in Gorontalo. Its mountains and hills covered by dense forests and vegetation make it an ideal reserve of rare and specific animal species like maleo birds, anoas, hornbills, wild pigs tarsius spectrums and fruit bats.
The rainfall favours a very rich flora. A entry permit should be obtained from Sub Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (Nature Conservation Office) in Manado. This National Park has several cottages and small restaurants nearby.
About half an hour by a motorized outrigger canoe from Manado, Bunaken island is a veritable paradise for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts. The coral reef off Bunaken island is particularly good for that and shouldn't be missed while you're in this region. The drop off wall at Liang Cove is not only rare in the world, as it's described by international divers as being spectacular with caves, gullies, and caverns harbouring an immense wealth of marine life. The water averages a balmy 28 degrees C and visibility is sensational (over) 30 m. The Bunaken sea garden is rich with colourful tropical marine life.
Saronde island
A beautiful tiny island with its white sandy beach for swimming, boating, snorkeling, diving, and water skiing. It is located in the district of Gorontalo.
15 km further southwest from Tasik Ria this village has traditionally been the centre of Minahasan, culture and arts. In Tara-Tara traditional dances can be enjoyed in the open air at Kemer Garden. There are World War II at Japanese caves at the Ranowangko dam, and the Kemer natural bathing spot nearby in the shadow of the volcano lokon, mount Kasehe and mount Tatawiran. Easily reachable from Manado by public bus or taxi.
Watu Pinabetengan
A megalithic stone of the ancestors of Minahasa, its surface is covered with crude, mysterious live drawings and scripts which have never been deciphered. According to Minahasa history, this is the place where the ancestors first divided up the land among the people (Watu Pinabetengan means "The stone of discussion about the division"). The ruling was made in order to ensure a peaceful and harmonious life. Seven divisions were made amongst different areas of Tombulu, Tonsea, Toulour, Tontemboan, Tonsawang, Ponosakan and Pasan Ratahan. This is located in Tompaso, about 45 km from Manado.
An ancient cemetery of Minahasan ancestors consits of 144 Sarcophagi, which is a remnant of the Megalithic age. It has a special historical value. Specific Sarcophagus known as "Waruga~ are unique square stones with holes in the middle and prism shaped lids. The artistic aspect of the Sarcophagus is known by the decorative sculpture and carving around the tombs and the lids with various motifs such as of human beings, plants, animals, and traditional geometrical motifs like clouds, strings curls, double braids. Located in Sawangan village, about 24 km from Manado.
Hot baths with water originating from hot volcanic springs attract people for relaxation and health reasons. Located in the village of Karumenga, Langoan, about 50 km from Manado.
lake Moat
Situated in the highlands about 900 m above sea level, makes it a cool and nice place to visit. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest abound with birds of various species. It is located in the district of Bolaang Mongondow, reachable by bus.
Wale Papataupan
Situated at Sonder village, about 37 km from Manado Wale Papataupan is a flowery tourist spot which has bungalows, swimming pool, steam bath facilities, restaurants, fish ponds, and an open stage for cultural performances. It is easily reachable from Manado by public bus.
Japanese Caves
A cavernous hill side area along the road between Kiawa and Kawangkoan. The caves were built by the Japanese during the World War 11, used as supplies storage.
This place is situated about 3 km from Tomohon which has a souvenir shop and restaurants offering Minahasan foods. Easily reachable from Manado by public bus or taxi.


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